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Organic Eco friendly Beauty Products in Harmony with Nature and You.
Focussing on organic food grade ingredients and glass containers
Hair Care,
Whipped Body Butters

About Us

Welcome to Pureal. We aim to create the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced from only the best certified suppliers we could find in the world, brought together in an ethical way to create a quality and luxury product that you can indulge in with the peace of mind that you are contributing to the wellbeing of your body and the planet.

We searched high and low and no corners were cut.

Most commercial products are 70% water!! All of our ingredients are Pure and Real. Most of our products are made without water so you are getting excellent value for money as a little goes a very long way. We don’t use anything artificial to preserve or enhance the look of our products. They are naturally fresh and beautiful. We make these products for ourselves and because we love making and using them so much, we are sharing our service with the wider community and have had excellent feedback so feel free to check out our products and see if you need anything.

Products and Services

All of us are unique in our needs and preferences, so if you need any help deciding, please get in touch so we can help you discover what appeals to all 5 of your senses before you commit to buying something that will enhance the beauty of your inner and outer dimensions.

If you need any assistance, just contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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Based in Hale, UK. Collection from Hale. Delivery available across the UK. To place orders please contact:

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