Emotional Rescue, 60ml £10

A soft body cream made using a blend for extreme emotional stress…anything ranging from suicidal tendencies, stomach pain, fear, withdrawal from society and despair.


Unrefined shea butter**, Virgin coconut oil**, Bergamot eo**, Frankincense eo*, Rose Geranium eo*, Sweet orange eo**, Vertiver eo*

*Food grade, steam distilled, organic

Apprehensive Anxiety, 60ml £10

To help calm anxiety that results in feelings of foreboding, paranoia, worry, brooding, apprehension and unease

Organic unrefined shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, bergamot eo*, Rose Geranium eo*, Lavender eo*

*steam distilled, food grade, organic

Nervous Tension, Racing Mind, 60ml £12

An Emotional Rescue cream using highly therapeutic essential oils in a silky soft base to help combat stress. Massage on to chest and back of neck/shoulders for soothing relief.

Organic unrefined shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, Davana eo, Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) eo*, Sweet Marjoram eo*
*steam distilled, food grade, organic

Self Esteem, 60ml £15

For people whose self esteem has been broken or worn down by bullies at school or work, a tyrannical boss, controlling partner, spending all day with a complainer etc etc.

Having self esteem is to trust your judgement, take pride in what you do and recognize your potential and self worth rather than letting people make you believe you are rubbish and incapable.


Organic unrefined Shea butter, organic cold pressed Coconut oil, Indian sandalwood eo, Ylang Ylang Extra eo*, Bergamot eo*, Vetiver eo*

*steam distilled, organic, food grade

Anxiety Sample Pack 3-5ml x 4 £15

I have the following blends for anxiety that may help people from falling into panic attacks or depression.
They are divided into the following categories by symptoms:
•Apprehensive Anxiety there are symptoms like…
Unease, apprehension, worrying, sense of foreboding, overanxiousness, paranoia, brooding
•Repressed Anxiety symptoms are….
Feeling on edge and irritable, insomnia, difficult in concentrating, feeling exhausted all the time
•Tense anxiety symptoms can include…
Bodily tension, muscle pain, aches, sore body
Restless anxiety symptoms can include…
Overactivity, sweating, palpitations, lump in throat, frequent urination or diarrhoea (overactivity of autonomic nervous system), dizziness
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